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Catherine Brennan




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  • Payroll Services
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    • Get services tailored to your needs.
      Spend your time building your business and your profits;  let us handle your bookkeeping, recordkeeping, and report filing.
      We can provide any one or as many of the following services as you want:

    •  Paying bills and managing accounts payable

    • Handling all payroll functions, including quarterly and annual payroll tax reports.

    • Invoicing your customers, posting collections, aging accounts receivables.

    • Doing your bank reconciliations and providing cash balance reports.

    • Maintaining sales journals and general ledgers.

    • Providing balance sheets, income statements, and other financial statements.

    • Preparing sales tax returns.

    • Preparing any customized reports you find useful.

  • Database Conversion
    • Many of our clients are uncertain how to bridge from an outdated system to a new system, especially when there is a need for historical data.  Whether you are moving from old software to a current version of the same program, or moving to an entirely different software solution we can get your data there.
      Manual system conversion:  we have helped many of our clients move from paper-based tracking and/or bookkeeping systems to more efficient software systems. 
      Balanced Resources can make this painless for your company.  Professional experience and integrity drive our top-notch services.



  • Database Repair
  • Database Set Up
  • Software Training
    • Learning new software adds to the stress of your busy workday.  We ease that burden by working around your busy schedule in your real-life setting, with your real-life paperwork.  It is much easier to retain new processes when it is presented using your actual information.
      Whether you have new software to learn, a need for a "refresher" course, or you have new personnel in need of training, we can help! 
      Balanced Resources offer hands-on training and support, friendly and patient trainers, and we will show you how to make your software work as hard as you do!